Word Cleaner

Convert DOC, TXT and RTF to HTML

Microsoft Word files are the most common way that clients and users will give you information to put on the web. Word does have a 'save as webpage' feature but the problem is that the HTML files that are created contain a lot of unnecessary code that increases the size of your files and that can cause incompatibilities with browsers other than Internet Explorer.

In the past web designers and webmasters have had to clean out the code by hand, even tools like the 'clean up word html' command in Dreamweaver are not very effective here.

We are web designers who have spent a lot of time converting clients' Word files and cleaning them up for use in their websites. We searched the web for a tool to automate the process but we couldn't find one, so we decided to build a tool ourselves! The result is Word Cleaner, a utility designed by web developers to meet the needs of web developers.

Word Cleaner


Word Cleaner 3.0